Great Valentines Idea for the Lady – 22 Carat Pink Vodka for Under £40

Ok – we’re still in the crunch even though the Government says that we’re not.

Personally – I’m still not rich so buying the girlfriend some swanky jewellery is just not gonna happen. Even on Valentines Day!

I might be able to stretch to this rather swish looking beverage though (remember I’m just a musician!).

This must be in the running to be the girliest vodka ever created – so she’ll love it!

It’s pink, has flakes of real gold, and comes in a gorgeous jewel-shaped bottle.

The pink German vodka is infused with edible flakes of genuine 22 carat gold. It’s like a shimmering golden blizzard swirling around in a potent ocean of luxe pink liquor…. well, so says the blurb anyhow!

If this doesn’t win you something in return on Valentines Day – well, just drink it yourself and you probably wont care 😉

Slip your gentlemanly self over here and purchase one (or more) for the lady or ladies in question 🙂

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