Great Sleeping Bear – Being Eaten By A Bear Has Never Been So Nice

sleeping-bearI was sent this link by a buddy of mine (thanks for the nightmares Steve!) and after being puzzled I now want one of these soooooo very much!

I can just imagine sliding out of my tent at Glastonbury or Download and freaking a load of drunk/stoned/tripping fellow campers out 🙂

Say WTF to The Great Sleeping Bear sleeping bag.

This ursine flavoured sleeping bag has been designed by Eiko Ishizawa.

According to the designer, this oddly cool design is meant to play on several basic human emotions including the fear of getting eaten by a bear, being a bear as well as wearing a bear skin.

Hmmm……………..not entirely sure that I’ve had any of those emotions – still, time yet I guess.

Apparently this thing should be available by Springtime – so pretty much anytime soon! 🙂

Love it – I wonder what tog ratings Brown Bears have………..?

Eiko Ishizawa