Grand Theft Auto Hits Nintendo DS

Conversions of big console titles to the Nintendo DS continue.

Following the transition of Guitar Hero to the handheld the next in line appears to be none other than R* Games – Grand Theft Auto, with Chinatown Wars being released later this year on Nins pocketable.

A gamer survey from Rockstar Games lifts the lid on what DS’ers can expect from the small screen adaptation.

By the sound of things you will partaking in the world of a young soldier seeking to make his mark within a gangland power struggle, with over 70 missions giving you 20+ hours of gameplay.

There’ll be online and offline co-op and competitive multiplayer modes thanks to the DS’s Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Also there’s a host of DS-specific stylus mini-games that make it a little more special.

One such game is where your young ne’er-do-well has to construct a sniper rifle and hot-wire a car.

More complaints/free publicity to follow shortly methinks.

Tech Radar (via T3)

Image thanks Electric Pig