Gran Turismo 5 Comes Alive in London Thanks to a Real GTbyCITROËN

gtbycitroenMost of us know that the French have style.

Even the singer in my band, Subset, has a certain je ne sais quoi.

But this concept car created by Citroën for the famous driving sim, Gran Turismo 5, has made that leap from fantasy to reality and was cruising the London streets just like the GT5 version does.

The working prototype of Citroën’s ‘oh my God how cool is that?!!?’ concept supercar, the GTbyCITROËN, hit the roads ahead of its first UK show appearance between 3rd and 5th July at the Goodwood Festival.

It will definitely be a sight to watch as it climbs the famous 1.16 mile Goodwood Hill as part of the Sunday Times Supercar Run.

Citroën is keeping quiet on the actual performance stats for the car – but who cares? Just look at it!

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