Gramohorn II stereo horns for HTC One – no batteries required

gramohorn-homeThe HTC One has pretty decent speakers for a mobile phone but, in order to really push the air out, an external speaker is still needed a lot of the time. Something like the Boombot2+ is good but might not be classy enough. The Gramohorn II however…

The Gramohorn II is a 3D printed acoustic speaker, designed exclusively for the HTC One smartphone.

Sound emitted from the phone’s speakers is chanelled and amplified, increasing volume by up to 50% without the need for power or cables. Acting as resonance chambers, lower frequencies and bass notes are also enhanced to apparantly produce a deeper and fuller sound. A similar principle to the Bone Horn and Air Curve speakers you may recall.

Whether this actually works, I cannot personally confirm without getting my ears near one with my HTC One.

The Gramohorn II is obvioulsy based on the simple mechanics of a by-gone era. Even the name gives a nod to the humble gramophone. But the techniques used to construct this piece of art is very now.

It’s 3D printed in a delicate plaster-based composite material and carefully hand-finished or you can get it in stainless steel as a limited edition – each Gramohorn is made-to-order, making each one uniquely personal and one-of-a-kind.

The design aims to function as a commercial product as well as contemporary art, in prompting discussion and thought around materiality and physicality. Essentially questioning the lack of uniqueness in 3D printed objects, the Gramohorn attempts to introduce values such as ‘bespoke’, ‘customised’, ‘hand-finished’, and ‘limited edition’ to offer a conceptual counterbalance and theoretical underpinning to the project, that is part Art, part Design.

gramohorn backDesigned specifically to work with the HTC One’s BoomSound stereo speakers, the two horns make it the world’s first passive stereo amplifier.

This double-horned thing of beauty will cost you £999 for the resin version or a cool £5,000 for one of the milled aluminum sets direct from the Gramohorn site. At least you’ll be saving on batteries.

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