Gramo – Fold Away Solar Powered Party Speakers

solar-powered-gramo-speakers_1Finnish designer, Pekka Salokannel, has come up with Gramo.

Gramo is a totally cool concept for some flat-pack, solar powered, portable speakers.

Inside the speaker there’s a volume control and they seem ideal for that beach party life-style.

I’d buy one of these if they become a reality.

Would you?

In the designer’s own words:
Gramo speakers are made for digital music lifestyle. Whether you go for a picnic or stay at home listening your mp3’s, it gives you freedom of music. Gramo is easy to bend flat, which makes it easy to carry with you. When you turn elements out, speaker transforms to a table speaker. Design comes from the beginning when real records started to appear. It was gramophone – also as inspiration for the design. Gramo speaker holds 5 elements inside. Outside 3 toppest surfaces are also solar panels, which makes battery last longer when you’re enjoying fresh air and good company outside. Volume changes with soft touch of your finger.