Grace Aqua Sounders – Poolside Balls

aqua-soundersI think Grace knows that we’ve had a couple of sunny days thus far and hopefully we shall be getting some more.

If you’re lucky enough to know someone with a pool, or indeed – have one yourself then a pool party would be the obvious way to go 🙂

Now, if I was in that afore mentioned position then a wireless speaker and mood lighting ball would be ideal.

The Aqua Sounder will not only wirelessly transmit your choonz from a dock positioned up to 150 feet away, it will also provide some funky ambiance via its two LED mood lights.

You can even have it in the pool with you as the Aqua Sounder is completely submersible – just don’t use it instead of a water polo ball – it would be painful and possibly costly.

$150.00 costly – have a look at the specs and things and some discounted versions at Grace’s website 🙂

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