GRAAF GM50 – Classy Valve Amp for the Audiophile

As beautiful as it’s simplicity the GRAAF GM-50 integrated amplifier is all about the details.

They rely on the coupling of a substantial 15 mm aluminium panel with a transparent crystal that allows you to see its glowing soul of 4 valves. The LED indicators show the selected source through a side window for an added stylish nod to aesthetics.

The amp can accommodate up to six line sources: two of them with balanced outputs.

The overall design is based around those four KT88 valves working in push pull operation for a gripping and full-bodied 50W of power. These work in Class A-AB and each of the valves has its own automatic bias control system for the best performance whilst in operation.

The GM50 brings GRAAF’s renowned quality of valve sound and technology to a new breed of integrated amplifier. It has a full, impeccably detailed and powerful sound that will perform fantastically whether you listen to Lamb or Lamb of God.

It looks like the GM50 is already proving to be a highly desirable product amongst audio lovers and I can hear and see why!

Dip into your pocket to the tune of around a grand per valve and it can be yours.