GPRS – Electric Motorcycle Nothing to do With Finding Your Way

I’d like to do the right thing for the eco-system of this planet but I can’t afford a Tesla and wouldn’t be seen in a G-Wiz so how could I buy an electric vehicle that looks good but doesn’t brake my account?

The Electric GPR-S from Electric Motorsport is more expensive than a normal motorbike but cheaper than its EV brethren.

Ok, so it’s not gonna scare a Honda Blackbird with its 70mph top speed and 60 mile range but It only costs eight grand.

They’ve even taken into consideration that the battery is the most likely part to either wear out or be improved and ensured that it can be easily removed/replaced/updated.

Add all that with the fact that it doesn’t look like a leccy moped – count me in!

Wired Gadget Lab