Got Old Tech? Recycle Now Needs it!

Hey there gadgety faithful!

As well as loving our nice new shiny tech we do have to consider what we do with the old, obsolete gear that we once loved.

Why not do something useful with it? People like us are being asked to give their unwanted or outdated electricals a new lease of life during Recycle Week which is taking place between 21 – 27 June 2010.

Items such as mobile phones, keyboards, mp3 players and old cameras can be recycled at centres across the country.

Those in working order can be donated to the British Heart Foundation’s network of over 90 furniture and electrical stores who will test them and sell them in order to raise funds. If there isn’t a store nearby, there is the option of donating them to someone else through sites such as Freecycle.

The request to get involved in Recycle Week comes from Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign.

Jane Hall from Recycle Now said: “Recycle Week aims to make people aware of what can be recycled as well as the benefits of reuse through donation. This year we’re focusing on electrical goods and thought that people might have unwanted or unused electrical items hiding away in a cupboard. It would be great if people could dust them off to recycle or donate these items during Recycle Week.”

Mike Lucas, Director of Retail at the British Heart Foundation said: “Recycle Week is a new and exciting partnership for the BHF raising vital funds in the fight against heart disease – the nation’s biggest killer. We’re appealing for those unwanted electricals as the sale of just one item can go towards funding vital treatment for a heart patient. Many people don’t know what to do with their working items once they’ve been replaced with newer versions, but by donating them in Recycle Week, they could become a life saver.”

C’mon, donate your old gadgets, gizmos and tech and feel good about it 🙂

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