Gorgeous Eclipse TD-M1 speakers get huge UK price-drop

Eclipse TD-M1 speakers topIf you recall, the Eclipse TD-M1 is the incredibly good-looking high-res audio wireless desktop speaker system from the Fujitsu 10 audio division. Now Eclipse have made them even more desirable thanks to a £200 discount!

That’s right, if you rightly fancied these AirPlay-ready, app-controlled, TD-M1 but found them just out of reach price-wise now is the time to take advantage of this dramatic price reduction, following favourable currency conditions in Eclipse’s native Japan.

The Eclipse TD-M1 is equipped with a potent combination of the company’s accurate waveform reproduction expertise, plus a raft of innovative technology, including AirPlay compatibility, high-res audio playback, plus digital amplification.

The TD-M1 system brings audiophile sound quality to desktops, workspaces and a multitude of rooms around the home and is built for the digital age.

Eclipse TD-M1 desktop speakersThe TD-M1 uses the same award-winning technology employed in Eclipse’s flagship TD-712 speaker (£6,500) and adds the convenience of wireless connectivity and high-resolution music playback, thanks to its advanced built-in DAC.

Eclipse TD-M1 price dropFrom input to output, the Eclipse TD-M1 is designed to work with today’s high-resolution music. Its built-in 192kHz/24-bit DAC is capable of handling 6.5x the amount of data on a CD! With a world-class signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low distortion, the TD-1M is capable of up to studio-master-quality playback, providing the ultimate audio quality and valuable future-proofing.

Now the price has been dropped from £999 to just £799, the TD-M1 system brings audiophile sound quality to desktops, work-spaces and a multitude of rooms around the home for less.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade the work-space and just in time for the festive season.

Who needs Black Friday?! Head on over to the Eclipse website now for your hi-res, hi-fi bargain!