Google wants its wearables everywhere – LG G Watch now available

LG G WatchGoogle is taking the wearable market very seriously, and why not? Google hopes that Android Wear will be the platform of choice for smartwatches all over the world.

Google has now officially launched its new Android platform for watches which it no doubts hopes will claim its place first, before having to challenge Apple for a share.

As Apple is really taking its time to perfect its entry into the smartwatch market, Android Wear represents Google’s hope of being the main player before its rival can make the idea of a full-on wrist computer seem special.

Android became more commonplace than iOS on phones because Google allowed other handset makers to use it, the same way Windows appears on most machines whilst the Mac OS doesn’t. The difference with watches is Android Wear doesn’t have to live up to a standard set by Apple. At the moment.

google wear
Android Wear was shown off at the Google I/O keynote Wednesday but didn’t offer any dramatic innovations that might spur otherwise indifferent consumers to embrace smartwatches.

Google says the 125 times we supposedly glance at our phones each day highlight the need for devices with better “glancability.” Is the potential of checking text messages, playing music or ordering a pizza via your watch instead of a phone compelling enough to convince you to buy a watch as well as a phone?

This could work in Google’s favour as the Android Wear devices should have a lower starting price point.

As proved by DOS and Windows, software doesn’t have to be pretty or original to take first place in the global market, something that Apple appears to disagree with. The problem with Apple’s meticulous approach is it’s expensive whereas Google’s route makes ‘cheap’ an option.

Let’s face facts though, any watch released by Apple will still carry a sense of occasion that Android for the wrist doesn’t.

Saying that, this video of the LG G Watch by Marques Brownlee does make a great case for Android Wear.

LG have been teasing the LG G Watch for months, and you can now finally get your hands on one, as they are available from the Google Play Store for £159.

The LG G Watch is equipped with a 1.65 inch 280×280 pixel IPS LCD display, and is pushed along by 512MB of RAM, and its 1.2GHz processor. You also get 4GB of built in storage, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and a 400 mAh battery.

The LG G Watch comes with a USB connector for charging as it doesn’t feature the wireless charging that the Moto 360 is rumored to pack.

LG’s new Android Wear smartwatch comes in two colors Titan Black and White Gold, it is now available in the UK and the US from Google Play.

[youtube id=”yBWNZTYPbzA”]