Google Voice Search Landing in Apple Store for iPhone and iPad – Siri ous Competition

google voice search iphoneIf Evi isn’t doing it for you and you’re still searching for a Siri rival on your iPhone or iPad then Google Voice Search will make you smile as it’s set to arrive in the Apple App Store.

Search giants, Google, are bringing their hands-free app that has all the answers to Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Ask it “what movies are playing this weekend?” and the helpful assistant will display a list of results, including the closest cinemas to your location, what time certain films start and even a selection of trailers for movies currently being shown.

If you as it something that it will have a specific answer for it will speak the response, just like Siri.

Naturally, Google Voice Search is already available on Android but now the search app is being readied for imminent release to the Apple App Store.

Google has also refreshed where the search looks. There is a limited trial under way where Gmail users will find that their emails are included as sources of information when conducting a Google search.

Imagine that you’re looking for rail info – any relevant emails that include train journey information will be pulled up on the right of the screen next to your Google search results. This could be handy or annoying.

Gmail users interested in integrating their email account into their Google searches can register here.

I look forward to trying this out as iPhone 4 still hasn’t got access to Siri 😉

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