Google ready to start production of smartwatch

nexus watchThere have already been hints and leaks about a Google smartwatch, thanks to patents and loose-lipped insiders but, if the Wall Street Journal‘s contacts are correct, a Google Watch could soon be here.

It sounds as though a smartwatch from Google, perhaps the Nexus Gem, has reached the point where it “could be ready for mass production within months,” and Google is said to have already started talks with Asian manufacturers.

Further details than that are fairly thin on the ground, but the same source suggests the watch’s interface and ‘personal assistant’ functions will be based on Google Now.

This could potentially offer voice recognition as well as predicting what sort of information the user will find useful at any given moment, based on the content of their emails and other personal data.

It is not entirely clear as to if the watch will need a companion device, like the Galaxy Gear or whether Google will make this an actual wristphone, incorporating a SIM and running Google Now locally on its own processor.

I’m hoping that the Nexus Phone, if that’s what it gets called, will be SIM equipped and running Android for the full Dick Tracy wearable tech vibe 🙂

Would you team a Google watch with Google Glass 2?

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