Google Project Tango tablets can see in 3D

Project-TangoGoogle is following-up on their Tango smartphone and are currently developing a new Project Tango tablet device which they have equipped with 3D sensors.

The new Project Tango tablet has been specifically designed to help Google bring its new platform and advanced 3D scanning capabilities to more mobile devices and follows on from the recent unveiling of their smartphone prototype.

Google’s Project Tango smartphone is capable of creating 3D maps of its environment and has led the way to Google developing a tablet building on the technology used in their smartphone device.

Word is that the Google Project Tango tablet is equipped with a 7-inch screen and packs two rear cameras as well as an infrared depth sensor, all of which will send data to the on-board software to be transformed into 3D models of its surrounding environment.

Applications could involve augmented reality video games that incorporate real-world objects into the game, decorating or construction apps that help you preview changes in your environment without lifting a hammer or a paint brush, or even autonomous robots: NASA plans to use Project Tango technology on floating drones in space.

Google is not planning to launch their new Project Tango as a consumer product in the near future but it is expected that the company will create around 4000 units in advance of the Google IO developer conference taking place next month during June 2014.

As more information about the new Google Project Tango tablet is announced or unveiled by Google I’ll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, check out the video below.

[youtube id=”Qe10ExwzCqk””]