Google Project Glass – Augmented Reality Goggles. Well, Glasses.

Google Glass Headset

Who wouldn’t want instant information about their surroundings paired with voice controlled actions? In the future where even the skinniest of smartphones are too bulky. Google has just confirmed the existence of such a project.

Project Glass‘ equips the wearer with a sleek headset which has just one small lens worn over the right eye, and a camera.

The Project Glass headset must be so comfortable you can wear it as you sleep as the video shows a guy waking up and Android-like icons appear in his heads-up display.

Other information such as a calendar reminder popping up as he makes coffee and the weather forecast as he glances out of his window.

This plugged in individual then receives a text message from a friend asking him if he wants to meet. He replies to the text message by voice while he’s eating.

I particularly like the ‘Service Suspended’ warning as he approaches the subway and an alternative route, in this instance walking, being suggested.

You even get guided around stores thanks to the indoor maps technology built by Google. He sees something interesting, says “take a photo of this,” and then “share it to my circles” in order to post it on Google+.

This dude manages to get to the roof of a building in order to receive a video call and then shares the view from the top of the building with a friend. This bloke is unstoppable!

All of this doesn’t really mean that ‘Project Glass’ has a fully working headset. Google says that the pictures of the headset were posted to “show what this technology could look like” and a video was created “to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.”

Being a spectacle wearer (or a ‘speccy four-eyes’) I would love this to be integrated in to my current nose ornament 🙂

If this is the future – bring it on!

Watch the vid below:

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