Google Play Store 4.0 leaked [video]

google play 4.0It looks like Google is ready to release the new version of the Google Play Store. Check out the preview of the Google Play Store 4.0 below.

Droid Life has been lucky enough to get to have a good ol’ poke around Google Play Store 4.0 and the completely redesigned user interface definitely has a more clean and minimal look.

As you can see from these screenshots, the entire thing has had a refresh from a user interface perspective.

The refresh has employed new fonts as category section titles, bigger images, and shares some DNA with Google Now.


Individual pages for apps, movies, etc. are all filled with bigger images and a much cleaner design. The layouts of most pages, including search results, remain mostly the same, however, the eye candy is everywhere.

The sections are separated with text but always accompanied with a large, colourful image.

Gone is the dark box-styled home page and in comes a clearer and more colour-filled app.

Check out the video below for the tour.

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