Google Phone Gallery Helps You Find the Droid You’re Looking for

It can get a bit tricksy trying to pick your next phone – first consideration may be what operating system the phone uses.

If you happen to have decided that your next one will be an Android phone, comparing handsets will be the next step.

Trying to keep up with what phone’s are out there is one thing but if, like me, you tend to look at gadgety news from around the globe, you may end up lusting after a phone that’s not actually available in your country!

Google has thankfully launched the Google phone gallery, which displays all available Android phones in one handy place.

The Google phone gallery will display all Android phones available out there or you can navigate by country – sorted 🙂

You are then able to select from the The Google phone gallery list and drop your top handsets into the onscreen compare function.

This allows you to eye-up three Android phones side by side, check which operators offer the devices, what version of Android they run, the skins they have, levels of connectivity, and other key features like battery life and hardware.

This must be a benefit as all the info is coming from the very source and its a Google branded site.

OK, so the big G might get some kick-backs from the network operators but having this site will make choosing your next Android blower easier.

Have a gander here 🙂

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