Google Nexus Q Social Media Streamer Unveiled [video]

google nexus qI understand why Google, like Microsoft, has just produced its first tablet. Everyone knows why they release a new version of Android (although calling it Jelly Bean is a bit odd). However, I’m still trying to work out what the point of the Nexus Q is.

Google, not satisfied with the well priced and good looking Nexus 7 tablet, has decided that it needed to produce a cloud media station: The Google Nexus Q.

The Nexus Q is able to drag down anything from the cloud and squirt it to your computer, phone, tablet TV or direct to some speakers.

The search-mogul has even made the Q social as it allows your Android-touting buddies to sling their choice of tunes to it or interrupt your film with another cute cat YouTube clip.

Thankfully you do have the final say thanks to being able to switch guest mode off whenever you’ve had enough of their poor taste in music.

Apparently that black orb contains an “audiophile grade” amplifier. Hmmmm…. the Nexus Q costs $300 – so why does a Plinius 9200 amp cost around £4,000?

Anyhooo… the Nexus Q has the ability to power a pair of speakers, or you can feed the audio out via optical or HDMI connections to your existing hi-fi and TV. The top half doubles as a swivel volume control (or you can tap it to mute) while a band of LEDs glow in time to the music. Nice.

Ah – so the Q is a “social media streamer”!

“Why shouldn’t everyone at the party be able to add their own music, movies and videos to the mix and choose what’s playing?” Google asked. “All your guests need is an Android phone or tablet and a connection to your Wi-Fi network. Prefer your own taste in music? Just turn off guest mode in your Nexus Q settings and it’s all you.”

The orb-shaped Nexus Q weighs 923g and features 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU.

The Nexus Q is only available in the US to begin with so hang tight if you’re gagging to get all Android on your audio.

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