Google Nexus One – Kinda Like a Motorola Droid

Google Nexus One -

Could this be moistening the touchpaper ahead of Google’s big Nexus One reveal tomorrow?

According to the Gadgety crew of Engadget the gPhone aint all that! Hang on – Isn’t it supposed to be the latest iPhone killer?

Engadget have got their mits on the new Google Phone and seem to find it hard not to liken it to a slightly faster Motorola Droid (Milestone over here) albeit nicer to hold. They also say that the HTC design is handsome but wont really blow you away with its good looks.

I’m guessing not the kind of thing that Google want to hear before the Californian press conference.

By all accounts the Nexus One is running Android 2.1 and sports a 3.7 inch touchscreen and a 5MP camera – This is the phone that Google is proudly holding aloft as their first foray into producing and selling a smartphone instead of just the Android OS.

Whether there’ll be different versions or this is it I wont know ’til tomorrow.

Thing is; would you fork out $500 (£308) for an unlocked, prettier Motorola Droid even if it had Spotify on it for free?

It’s going to be an interesting day in Google-land tomorrow methinks.

Nip over and read Engadget’s full hands-on review and watch the vid 🙂

Tell me if you think that it is an Android-based iPhone killer in the comments below.

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