Google Nexus 4 back on sale – Huge wait the other side

nexus 4 - how longIt was to much elation that the news that Google finally got more Nexus 4 stock in was received yesterday – but it seems everyone landed back to earth with a firm bump thanks to the stated five to six week wait for delivery.

If you were eagerly awaiting for the Google Nexus 4 Android smartphone to be back in stock before Christmas you must have thanked your lucky stars when GadgetyNews reported that had happened.

Chances are that you were refreshing the page whilst clutching your credit/debit card, ready to make that purchase – how we all love the thrill of the tech chase.

But then… horror!

5-6 weeks delivery? What?

Well, that’s Christmas out of the question and, chances are, you wont be getting your shiny bit of Android lovliness til well in to 2013 – possibly February!

What gives, Google?

You’ve done excellent work with the Nexus 4 smartphone and the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 (out of stock) tablets – all of which are competition killers, but it seems that you can’t produce them fast enough or keep your customers flowing through your online store.

Google is well placed to be all conquering in the Android market, which it should be able to do, but it’s customer satisfaction which counts as much as producing killer tech.

Could people start looking elsewhere?

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