Google Music hits UK for free and is cheaper than iTunes if you want to buy

google play music ukGoogle’s Play Music service is now live on stage and offers free streaming and should you want to buy new tracks from Google – the new service undercuts iTunes more often than not.

Google looks to be on to a winner with Play Music. The free streaming service is certainly priced right seeing as Apple charges £22 a year for basically the same thing.

Mated with Google’s ‘Scan and Match’ service, 20,000 tracks can be shoved into your cloud library which is enough to keep most people happy.

Through Music Manager, Google lets you listen to your Cloud stored tracks on any online computer or Android device running version 2.2 or later. Keeping the bloatage down, Music Manager is displayed and played in your browser.

When you download Music Manager it scans iTunes, Windows Media Player and your My Music folder. It can include podcasts if you like. You can even choose to automatically upload songs that you add to iTunes in the future.

Your most played music is uploaded first so you don’t have to go without them, ever. This also means that you can continue to listen to those cherished tracks whilst uploading the rest.

Prices are different to those on iTunes when you go to purchase new tracks with average savings of a couple of quid on an album if you buy from Google.

If you are on the look out for new tunes then your music generates suggestions that it thinks that you might have missed, but enjoy.

iTunes, at the moment, seems to have more complete collections of albums but Google looks to win on pricing (you can’t beat free, right?) as well as not filling your storage with a huge chunk of software.

Have you tried Google Music yet? What do you reckon to it? Let me know.

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