Google Maps for iOS here now with Street View and public transport

ios google mapsIt’s finally happened! iPhone owners are finally able to find their way once more now that Google has released the much needed iOS Maps software.

After the cartographic catastrophe that is Apple Maps, the sense of relief across iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners is virtually palpable.

The new Google Maps app is available to download now, and brings with it public transport info (instead of you being pinged over to a third-party app) and a compass-controlled street view that lets you scroll by waving your mobile around.

Satellite information looks good too and the app runs smoothly in my short test. I love the clean, minimalist look and navigating around the app is very intuitive.

Google Maps has now replaced the in browser version that I had saved to my iPhone homescreen.

I have had a poke around but cannot find a way of selected Google Maps to be my default navigation app. This means that if anyone sends you an address or you click on one in your browser, you will be squirted over to Apple’s iOS Maps. Hmmm….

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