Google Launching Flipper – Tossing the Dolphin?

flipperGoogle is set to release Flipper into the wild!

I’m trying to avoid all these puns on porpoise but I can’t help it.

Flipper is actually a new feature in Google’s “Labs” section.

If reports are correct, it’s a way of viewing news content in a more magaziney format, helpful for browsing on mobile devices.

Flipper should allow users to browse not only by sections (business, technology, etc) but also by sources.

Perhaps they’re playing it as safe as possible after the newspaper industry got snarly at Google over alleged “theft” of content and traffic.

Whilst sat at my desk, trying to log in just takes me to a blank screen, but look out for it arriving.

Keep trying Flipper

By-the-way. Anyone else craving tuna? :p

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