Google Helps the Less Tech-Savvy Parents Out There

Christmas can be a bit of a minefield for the non-gadgety minded.

Whether you’re a technophobic parent buying for your progeny or you’re a generous child updating that old desktop PC that you off-loaded to your folks when you moved out – help is going to be needed.

Now, rather than you spending Christmas and most of the New Year as 24/7 tech support trying to convince mother dearest that the lovely new digital camera isn’t broken the battery just needs to be charged Google have the answers!

Google’s Teach Parents Tech website (“Coming Soon”) will host the 54 video guides that you can currently access via YouTube while they’re still hammering away and decorating their new site.

These tutorial vids explain everything from changing your desktop background, to creating an email signature, to tracking their teenagers by triangulating their mobile phone signal and GPS coordinates.

Ok – perhaps not the latter 😉

The site isn’t up at the moment but point those that need help over to the YouTube channel and you will be able to rest easy.

If you are a parent at least you can get some pre-emptive revision done so you don’t look too lost come Christmas Day 😉