Google Glass smartwatch on its way soon

Google Glass SmartwatchGoogle Glass has been making the headlines for good, and not so good, reasons but there’s now buzz about the Glass tech heading to your wrist.

As per recent reports, the guys at Google are currently spending their nights up, working on a Google smart-watch, as is Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, etc.

The Google device, however, is said to use similar technology to Google Glass and will keep wearers updated on the go!

The watch will also hook up to Gmail, Google Maps and other Android-based applications – another area that having something like Zoomboard would be handy… wristy, even.

The watch is said to be lined up for a near-future release and has apparently been doing the rounds of Google’s offices in Berlin, Manchester and Mountain View.

With Google’s I/O event just around the corner, the watch could very well see the light of the day soon – or not!

The watch isn’t yet a standalone device and requires smartphone connectivity like Sony’s Smartwatch.

Would you be interested in a Google Glass-based smartwatch?

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