Google Glass hacked so can see what you get up to

jay freeman google glassYou probably heard that the creator of Cydia had already managed to jail break Google Glass. Now he’s saying he can hack it and watch what you do as a point of view video.

Jay Freeman aka Saurik published a detailed report on how he got passed the Google’s data-wipe security feature.

As Google Glass is an Android device which runs an ARM-based Linux kernel it has been designed so that it can be tweaked easily in order to change its default behaviour.

For instance, Google Glass is set to record only 10 seconds of video, but a code can be easily written to override it, it can not only take videos for as long as the user wants but even take pictures surreptitiously, that too with a custom set innocuous command like a hand gesture or a voice command.

Along with these revelations, Jay revealed something more worryingly creepy for Glass users.

He said that he can hack into anybody’s Glass. “The idea is that if I am given physical access to your Glass, within a minute or two I can have installed software on it which now follows you throughout your life, recording everything you do; I know where you are, I see through your eyes, I hear through your ears: the only thing I am unable to record are your thoughts,” said Jay.

This something fairly major for Google to take notice of it before it rolls out the production version, methinks.

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