Google Glass gets sleeker redesign

google glass v2As I said in my recent review of Google Glass, you do become used to wearing the high tech specs and others wearing them en mass. The thing is that non-Glass wearers will still be uncomfortable with chatting to someone with a camera lens strapped to your head. Well, it looks like Google is looking to update the design.

Following the general ‘glasshole’ comments aimed at those noticibly wearing the Google eyewear, it looks like Google is making an effort to ensure its Glass wearable looks a little more subtle and a little less… geeky(?)… in the future by packing its all important tech within the device itself.

Word is that Google has filed a new patent that includes the photo above.

As you can see, the bulky bit of tech is much more streamlined and shoved within the frame of the device itself rather than stuck on the side.

I still think that, as it moves in this direction, an option for spec wearers to have a snap-on attachment would make it much more appealing.