Google Glass gets fashionable DVF shades – Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter UK

Aviator GraphiteIf you recall my Google Glass review I mentioned that fashion-houses and designers were getting in on the act as well as there being some rather cool shades on display. Well, following its partnership in the US, online fashion retailers Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter have teamed up with Google to offer its collections in the UK

You have the choice of five bundles on Net-A-Porter that combine a set of stylish frames with some clip-on shades. All of the frames were designed by Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) and come in pastel colors such as Shiny Elderberry, Shiny Lagoon, Matte Java, Matte Ice and Shiny Ink. The shades, also designed by DVF, attach to the original Google Glass Explorer Edition frames, which presumably also come with each purchase.

Each bundle costs £1,250 plus £8 for shipping.
[youtube id=”_WVfBwCMnDE”]
Over with Mr Porter there’s three frames from the Google Glass Titanium Collection. The options are named Bold, Thin and Split, mimicking traditional frame designs. Each variant will set you back £1,120 and they also come with a set of shades, which again attach to the original Explorer Edition frame.
[youtube id=”Zlyc1Eqhai0″]
This is all well timed as London Fashion Week ended just yesterday so these collections from Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter tie in to the whole thing rather nicely.

Wider availability beyond the Google Play store will also help Google expand the Glass community – which are essentially beta testers – and perhaps get picked up by ‘taste makers’. It’s up to you if that makes them more or less desirable 😉

Remember, no matter how slick or stylish Google Glass gets, you still won’t be able to wear them in certain public buildings.