Google Daydream adds Crimson and Snow

google-daydream-vrIf you thought that Google Daydream looked a bit of a snooze-fest, then you might like this.

When Google launched their Daydream View virtual reality (VR) headset it looked nice but not what you’d class as striking.

Especially when Google’s new smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, are available in the slightly amusing “Really Blue” or “Quite Black”.

Well, yesterday Google announced two new colours for the Daydream – Crimson and Snow.

Now, as well as the grey fabric googles you have two more options.

Personally, I think they’ve missed a trick here. Why not call these ‘Deeply Red’ and ‘Pretty White’? Just a thought Google.

daydream-view-coloursTo compliment the new colour schemes, the View’s controller has been changed to white. The original controller is charcoal coloured.

Price and availability

If you want the Crimson or Snow headsets, they are available now for £69 on pre-order on the Google Store. Planned for shipping beginning December 8.

Daydream requires a smartphone for power and to provide the screen of the VR experience.

At launch, the first Daydream-ready phones were Google’s own Pixel and Pixel XL flagships, though more phones, including the Moto Z line, are getting support.