Google Chrome OS Coming to a Netbook Near You in 2010

google-chrome-logo-designI think Google‘s Chrome browser is pretty good – I now tend to use it instead of Firefox, and that’s a big step for me!!

But they’re not resting on their shiny laurels, oh no!

Google are now stroking their collective chins and figuring out another way to take Microsoft‘s profit away – they’ve decided an all-new operating system aimed at netbooks is the way forward.

So, hello Google Chrome OS! 🙂

It’s described as a ‘natural extension’ of the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome OS is ‘an open source, lightweight operating system’ that’s ideally suited to smaller notebooks – the idea is that you turn on your netbook and you’re online within a few seconds without the need to load up all the things you don’t need before you start browsing.

Google also claims its new OS will effectively be virus-free, a complete redesign of the security architecture leaving viruses, malware and security updates as ancient history….Hmmm… now I think they may be bragging a bit too much a bit too early for that last bit.

The OS is app-based, so developers just need to write for the web to get an app to work on the Chrome platform. Not only that, Google says that all web apps for Chrome will also work on Windows, Mac and Linux (and vice versa). Effectively offering the largest userbase for any platform, which is certain to tempt in the boffins from day one. Now you’re talking!

Now, no doubt there’s a few of you out there already thinking, “hang on – this all sounds a bit like Android!” – Google is at pains to point out that this is a very different beast.

You see, they point out that with Android it’s designed to be used on everything from phones to netbooks, while Chrome OS is for ‘for people who spend most of their time on the web’.

Ahhhhhhhh………. now you understand, You know, folk that browse, have webmail, listen to Spotify, use Twitter who don’t want to wait for a computer to boot up a succession of programs and apps you don’t need to do that. Like the browser version, this is all about speed. If you want to use serious applications, like professional graphics packages for example, it’s not gonna really float your boat.

The real test is going to happen in the second half of 2010 when we all can get our grubby little mits on it.

Google is already chatting with various hardware makers about getting the Chrome OS pre-installed.

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