Google Chrome Netbooks Sold on Subscription to Gmail Users

It sounds like Google is considering selling its Google Cr48 Chrome-based netbooks through a monthly subscription service when they launch during the summertime.

Word is that the first cloud-utilising Chrome-powered devices will go on sale in late June/early July and that they will be offered to Gmail subscribers for between $15-20 a month.

Google product manager Sundar Pichai is reported as saying that “Google were still fixing some bugs and improving compatibility with devices such as digital cameras on Chrome OS.”

This business model is not unlike leasing a car or, indeed if anyone is old enough to remember, similar schemes for TV’s from the likes of Radio Rentals – Google will provide full support, offer hardware repairs and replace the notebook after a period of time when new models become available.

It is still unclear whether Google will be offering this deal to all Gmail subscribers (I have 4 accounts so will I get 4 netbooks?) or if it will just be for those using the paid-for Google Apps service.

Don’t fear if you haven’t got a Gmail or Google Apps account though as the G is also planning to sell the Chrome netbooks through retail outlets in the same way that it has with Android.

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