Google can keep Their Modern Office – I’d Rather Have Furniture Designed by Aston Martin

aston martin office furnitureThose of us that work in offices will all agree that they are generally one of the least inspiring places to be. There are those few, however, that look like fantastic places to spend the 9-5. I’d feel rather inspired if I worked behind an Aston Martin desk!

Offices are either huge expanses of open-planned blandness or cubicle cordoned hells; Unless you happen to work for Google with its ‘coffee lab’ serving 19 different blends and four free restaurants – including a tapas and sushi bar.

True, the search engine giant’s London home may have a gym, sound-proofed music room with drums and guitars and a games room with a pool table, video consoles and a giant Samsung TV.

Employees may enjoy Google’s own version of the Big Brother garden complete with deck chairs, carpet that resembles grass and a rowing boat. But, to be perfectly honest, I’d much rather work somewhere that boasts office furniture from Aston Martin.

I dare you to tell me that the Vantage and DB9 are not truly beautiful examples of automotive craftsmanship – but how often can you stay in your car?

Before you start imagining yourself sleeping in a One-77 let me show you some of the car maker’s line of office furniture.

Yes, I’ve said it twice now. Aston Martin office furniture!

A range that includes the desk in the main picture which, to me, looks just as potent as a V12 Vantage.

The desk is made from a sheet of folded aluminium and sports a matching slanted drawer, it is all completed in a leather finish. Of course.

And the long graceful reach of the accompanying lamp illuminates the workspace without it being in the way and looks capable of slinking through a wind-tunnel without any problem at all.

Now you can see why Bond always caught the eye of M’s secretary, Miss Moneypenny. It wasn’t his looks, or is quick bon mots, it was the thought of taking down his minutes in OO7’s Aston Martin office.

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