Google Buys Modu the Modular Mobile Maker for £3million

I’ve been watching the marvelous Modu modualar mobile with interest for a while now. Finally, last year, you could actually buy one in the UK. Now there’s a new chapter in Modu’s interesting story.

Reports are that Google has gone and bought all of the micro mobile makers patents for around £3 million. The Israeli company, which produced the tiny phone with interchangeable ‘jackets’ sadly went under at the end of 2010.

I though Modu was a genius idea but I suppose that the speed that smartphones were being churned out actually left the modular mobiles behind.

Google hasn’t come forward to say what their grand scheme is now that they have said blueprints but I for one am hoping that something Modu-esque coming out of Mountain View in the not too distant future.

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