Google Buying Twitter?

googletwitterNow, unless you’ve just come out of a coma, you will have heard about the mico-blogging site Twitter.

It seems that Twitter could soon become part of Google.

According to TechCrunch Google is into advanced negotiations for the latest social networking addiction for an undisclosed sum.

Why would Google be interested in Twitter any how?

Well, it’s not just the name and concept that they’re into - it’s probably more interested in all the tweets that are posted as Twitter has become possibly the best real time search engine out there!

It has been increasingly used for searching for news, the next big thing or brands looking for feedback.

This aint gonna be for peanuts either as Twitter turned down an offer from Facebook for half a billion dollars (which included Facebook stock.

I’m off to see if I can invest in  Evan Williams and Biz Stone as this could be the second time they have sold something to Google for a hefty price – the first being the Blogger platform.