Google Book Search Puts iPhone and Android Phones to Novel Use

google-book-search-iphone-androidDo you already own an iPhone or Android powered mobile?

Don’t want to fork out $359 for the newest Kindle?

Well, Google Book Search has just been announced for iPhone and Android, letting iPhone and T-Mobile G1 owners read millions of public domain books on their blower.

Google Book Search actually scans the pages of realy-real books made of paper and that and then uses something called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which turns the scan into text.

It shows the words as if they were a web page on the handset, minimising the amount of scrolling needed.

And if the spacing looks a bit odd, you can simply tap to see the original scanned in page instead.  Nicely does it 🙂

So, free books on your mobile can’t be bad – and it will be a darn sight lighter than dragging around 5 or 6 best sellers on holiday!

Google says it’s adding more books all the time – could this hurt the likes of the Kindle, iRex and Sony Reader?

What about the screen-size?  Could you and your eyes take reading a book on a phone screen – no matter how good they are?

Let us know below 🙂

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