Google Android Jelly Bean Already Rumoured – Ice Cream Sandwich out Soon

It was but a few days ago I wrote informing you that Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android will be here in the next month or so and now here’s some news on the successor to ICS: Jelly Bean!

The Jelly Bean moniker has been passed around by a “source” but this does work with Google’s habit of naming their software after high calorie snacks – Thing is Ice Cream Sandwich aint even out yet!

As I’ve previously mentioned, Ice Cream Sandwich should be pulling together the tablet love of Honeycomb and the smartphone version known as Gingerbread.

The thing is that until ICS lands in the real world no one will really know how this multi-mobile system will work so, it’s a bit difficult to know what new features Jelly Bean will bounce onto our screens.

To be honest, even the Jelly Bean tag isn’t official. It could end up being Jam Roly-Poly, Jamaican Ginger Cake or even Jam Tart!

What I do know is that Ice Cream Sandwich should land with Samsung’s Nexus Prime in October/November-time with its Super AMOLED screen. Will the Nexus Prime look as cute as this though?

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