Google Android Gets Paid Applications

500px-android-logosvgIf you’ve been less than impressed by the current downloads available on your Google G1 you may be relieved to hear that there’s a second wave a-coming.

Thing is, you’ll need to dip into your pocket to get them.
That’s right my Google Phone loving friends – paid apps are heading to Android and the UK and US are down as first countries to to get that app lovin.

According to Google’s Eric Chu, the Android market ‘will support priced applications starting early Q1 2009’ – so, anytime now then?

In theory the apps should kick up a level and mobile gamers should see some worthy things to buy as the likes of Gameloft and EA Mobile are said to be getting their wares ready for you to purchase.

Google is also bringing ‘localisation’ to the market, which in effect means country-specific apps.

I’m not overly sure what that means apart from perhaps weather reports, tube status and where the nearest Sausage & Mash shop is.

Pocket Gamer