Google Android Froyo – The Sweetest OS?


There’s me mentioning that the Droid Shadow, which was found in a gym, is running Androids latest without actually letting you know what Froyo brings to the OS dessert trolley.

You may recall that Google has gone through Cupcake, Donut and Eclair before reaching Froyo (frozen yoghurt if you don’t get the link) and apparently Gingerbread is next.

According to Google, Android Froyo is up to five times faster than Eclair and has cloud to device messages. That means desktop apps will be able to sling messages to your Android phone and vice versa (see vid below).

You can also back up data from your apps to the cloud and it’ll be restored when you install them again on a new device – handy if you’re upgrading your Android blower.

Android Froyo is rocking Flash 10.1 as well as loving support for HTML 5 which hands access over to the phone’s hardware including the camera for taking photos in web apps, the microphone and the accelerometer – it shames the iPhone and iPad somewhat on those counts.

Froyo loves to share so much that it will unreservedly offer its Wi-Fi so you’ll be able to hook other devices up to it to share its data connection.

There – have a goosey at the video 🙂

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