Good Night Eileen Lights Up Your Old Fashioned Boudoir

good-night-eileenSteampunk likes to oldify new tech so this should be a winner.

It’s a bedside lamp that obviously takes its design cues from those classic candlesticks from days of yore.

It even has a porcelain base to complete the overall look. 

Generally it will sit on its base on your bed-side table or perhaps your dresser – which is nice.

But that base also charges the lamp portion of the light enabling you to carry it with you when heading for the loo or a midnight feast (just don’t get those 2 mixed up eh?). 

It wont stay lit for long when taken from its base though.

The creator Christine Birkhoven mentions that after a few minutes the glow will fade. 

So, it’s probably best to cover the ground of the enormous boudoir that it’s been designed for and hit that main switch before falling over the serving staff.

It’s still only a design concept at the moment.