Good News For UK 3G iPhone Owners! More Free WiFi

Sweet iPhone 08Doing a bit of snooping as I’m still lusting after the new iPhone (although it aint perfect) it seems that O2 have taken another step to improve their iPhone 3G offering in the UK. 

This is by multiplying the available WiFi hotspots that are available to get hooked-up.

Hidden amongst the small print on the O2 page they confirm that iPhone users will enjoy free use of WiFi hotspots from its existing partner, The Cloud, and be able to use hotspots provided by BT OpenZone.

This raises the number of WiFi hotspots available to UK users to 9,500 and O2 promise that all these hotspots will be made available for use from 11 July.

9to5 Mac reports the network may plan the creation of a ‘mesh network’ across London (yay for me and millions of others!) utilising WiFi hotspots from both The Cloud and BT OpenZone, saying: “Coverage is supposed to rival the coverage of mobile phone towers”.

In a rare move for rip-off Britain, O2 are seemingly offering UK users the best iPhone 3G deals of all those announced so far!

New iPhone customers can purchase the 8GB model for £99, or the 16GB model for just £159. You can then sign up to a regular £35 contract (600 minutes, 500 texts per month), or a new £30 contract (75 minutes, 125 texts).