Goldee Light Controller – possibly the most awesome light switch out there

goldee light controllerLight switches. How often have you considered their aesthetic and gadgety standing within the home? Well, after seeing the Goldee Light Controller, you may well push that switch higher up the importance chart.

The Goldee Light Controller is no ordinary on/off/dimmer control. This cool and understated rounded black rectangle has the potential to transform your lights forever.

The Goldee is equipped with an AMOLED display and its polycarbonate body is covered in every tech’s favourite, Gorilla Glass.

It is also packing a proximity sensor so that it knows when you’ve entered and left the room and you can even control it with a wave of your hands in order to satisfy your inner Jedi.

Like most things involved with automating your home, the controller can be paired with a corresponding Android or iOS app so that the Goldee can then be set to turn on your lights to wake you up with its Sunrise Alarm function before automatically turning off when you leave home.

goldee homeYou can even set it to welcome you home on an evening by brightening up your room. When it’s time to turn in for the night the handy sleep timer will gradually dim the lights, subtly hinting that it’s time to get off Facebook and sleep.

Naturally, these settings could be handy for when you have to leave your home for a few days as it would give the impression to any passing burglar that it’s business as usual at your place but the Goldee also has a Smart Security setting which will simulate your presence whilst you’re away.

If you need to slip to the bathroom or need some midnight munchies and don’t want to wake up the house or blind yourself with harsh light then you’ll enjoy the dim night light function.

Mood lighting can be quite important and the Goldee can help you out there too. You can select different colours and save presets from ‘story time blue’ to ‘romantic evening red’ for those more intimate evenings.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the controller is also rocking an ambient light sensor so that it can adjust the brightness according to the environmental light!

It will work with regular bulbs but if you’re wanting to unlock the Goldee’s full potential you’ll need to shove in a smart LED like the Philips Hue, ileum or LIFX LED lights.

The basic Goldee will set you back US$250 for one controller. The room pack includes 3 LIFX bulbs and is currently $450. Looking to sort out your main rooms? Well you could pre-order the home Pack which includes 12 LED smart bulbs and four controllers and will hit you up for US$1700.

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