Going Dutch Concept – Fear No More The Words: Let’s Just Split The Bill

going-dutchIt’s coming up to that time of the year when the office, department, section festive lunches and dinners loom and in this time of the crunch many companies expect you to foot your own bill.

The thing is, when you’ve had a glass of wine and only a main course and the person sat opposite has had the starter, 2 pints, 3 glasses of wine, the main course with extra sides and a desert and liqueur the last thing you want to hear is; “why don’t we just split the bill?”.

Well, this slice of innovation pie is designed to remove the hassle of splitting your bill and thus keeping the festive spirit.

This payment concept designed by Jung You Chul, Her Miran, Lee Chang Ho, Lee Kiho & Shin Youngmi demonstrates it doesn’t have to be as painful.

By using this device each one can pay for just what they ate using their credit card. The screen displays the total items consumed and you select your share to be automatically calculated.

Please make this a reality!

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