Gmail, Yahoo and AOL Email’s Have Now Been Stung

gmail logoOk – so you don’t use Hotmail and couldn’t help but to feel a little smug when reading my piece about the phising scam yesterday.

Errrrrr………. you know, thousands of passwords to various Gmail, AOL and Yahoo accounts have now also been posted online.

As Graham Cluley, a consultant at Sophos, said yesterday: ‘The danger is that people will be using the same password on many different sites, so the criminals will go and try them on Amazon or PayPal or wherever.’

No-one is 100% sure how many accounts have been dipped into, but using the Hotmail scenario as a guide, 250,000 isn’t out of the question.

Many of the accounts are Europe-based although some US-based Comcast and Earthlink accounts are listed.

Google has already taken some ‘security precautions’ but, to be honest the best security precaution is to change your password regularly and keep it something that can’t be guessed 😉

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