Glasto NavLav – Augmented Reality for Glastonbury Festival

Part of the fun fear of these increasingly large festivals is trying to find your tent, the stage where your fave band are about to play on and where the loo’s are.

Orange are at Glastonbury again and their official GlastoNav app utilises augmented reality to show you where toilets, bars and the stages are by superimposing their whereabouts over real-life images using the  iPhones camera.

You also get handy maps of the site, performance times and it will even help you find your way back to your tent after 3 ciders too many.

Andrew Pearcey, Head of Sponsorship at Orange UK said: “GlastoNav is the best way to find your way around the Glastonbury festival site and make sure you and your mates don’t miss a thing. The brand new, innovative augmented reality app will also ensure iPhone users can find out a range of information from where the nearest toilet is to where they pitched their tents.”

The GlastoNav app will be available for free from the iTunes App Store for as long as the festival is running – that’s 23rd to 27th June.

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