Give the iPhone a Bone – Chew This One Over [Gamebone Pro]

iphoneboneSo – it sounds like the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch will be getting “third party game accessories”.

If you didn’t believe what heard then you’re probably not going to believe what you’re seeing.

Yup – it’s the GameBone Pro controller, which aims to bring six buttons and an 8-way direction pad to your Apple handset and it’s thanks to Aussie iPhone developer, 22moo that we have it.

This is no dog-chew toy by the way!!

The GameBone packs dual connectivity, allowing you to use either wireless Bluetooth or the iPhone dock connector.

 Instead of leeching off the not-so-great iBattery the bone has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery on board, which will support your iPhone battery using the GameBone Pro’s own juice.

The GameBone Pro is also rocking an integrated mic and speakers, plus a 3.5mm headphone jack – it will even come with a support stand for your handset.

22Moo are actually taking suggestions for how the controller should be priced.

So what would you be prepared to pay for a bone?

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