Giinii Movit Mini = Android iPod Touch?

giinii-movit-miniFancy an Android powered iPod Touch?

You know; something thin, with over four inches of touchscreen in a mini tablet form?

Well, here you are! 🙂

This is the Giinii Movit Mini.

It could actually almost be an iPhone challenger but it’s lacking the actual mobile phone bit, but it is Android so there’s VoIP to take care of that side of things….

…and don’t forget – that also means no tarrif and 18 month contract to deal with 😉

The soft keyboard seems pretty good from what I can see with a decent layout and a size that real manly men can use.

Apparently the resistive touchscreen was a let down as it lacked responsiveness meaning that it was hard to push buttons and an effort to scroll more than once.

Saying that; we have to remember that it is still at the prototype stage and these are things that could be ironed out.

I think that this has a lot of promise and at the possible price of $149 it could be a winner.