Gigaset A540A home phone with mod cons

A540AThere are certain times of the year when family and friends will contact you by means of an old-skool phone call and two of those are hurtling towards us right now – Christmas and New Year. Perhaps it’s time to update your landline blower to something such as this Gigaset A540A?

Just because its stuck at home doesn’t mean that the A540A isn’t bang up-to-date with mod cons.

The phone comes in cool white and so will not clash horribly with your decor and packs 20 different ringtones and an illuminated screen which can display in four bright colours.

The A540A has an inbuilt phonebook which can store up to 150 contacts (so that’s family, friends, and takeaways loaded then).

You can personalise the phone so that ringtones and backlight colours are tailored to phonebook contacts so that users can tell at a glance who the caller is – red for the mother-in-law? Just a suggestion 😉

A540A Duo WhitePeople can even assign different colours for groups in their life – pink for friends, green for family, blue for work and orange for household contacts.

You can adjust the ring volume through five settings and the A540A even has a timer controlled silencing feature – ideal if you’re ignoring the phone.

In addition to its funky look, the A540A is designed to let users enjoy quality conversations with Gigaset’s superior sound quality and brilliant hands free sound – perfect for talking on the go.

The phone sports an integrated answering machine to ensure that important calls are never missed.

The handset will last for 18 hours of talk time, can list up to 25 missed calls, store 20 minutes of voicemail as well as having an outdoor range of 300 meters. It even has an alarm clock function.

The A540A is available in single, duo and trio options form John Lewis stores, priced at £39.99.