Gibson Robot Guitar

Gibson Robot Guitar self-tunes Looks like Gibson’s long awaited self-tuning guitar has finally arrived in the form of the Gibson Robot Guitar. This auto-tuning guitar tunes itself to standard A440 tuning, ensuring even if you have terrible pitch detection skills, it will still be able to do the job quite decently. In addition, the guitar offers access to half a dozen of the most commonly used altered tuning presets at the touch of a button. Features include a control knob, a servo motor, and a tune-control bridge that adjusts the pitch of the strings. The first run will be extremely limited in number, with approximately 400 dealers worldwide getting 10 guitars each. This new Gibson Robot Guitar will hit retail stores on December 7th this year, and will come in an exclusive Blue Silverburst Les Paul model. No word on pricing as at press time, but it ought to be an antonym of cheap.