Getting the most out of your gadgets

techTechnology has, in recent years, provided us with many gadgets. From the smartphone to the tablet, and even the humble computer, there are many ways for us to experience technology.

Yet it can be all too easy for people to become complacent and forget about some of the basic requirements these devices need to perform. Whether it’s a poor broadband connection or filling up the limited storage space on the hard disk, these can heavily affect the gadget’s performance.

To this end, here are a few helpful pointers on how to keep your devices performing optimally.

Internet Connections

The chances are most of your gadgets utilise the internet. Smart devices, such as phones and tablets, utilise this for a lot of their functions; from simple browsing to downloading apps. Computers and consoles use the internet for online gaming and connected game play.

In short, the internet is important but can be a double edged sword. Your devices, as a result, will only ever be as fast as your connection. A fast browsing device is almost ruined if the internet is slow, as you’ll face countless buffering and loading times.

To this end, it’s in your best interests to have a fast connection. A simple broadband speed test can determine this. If your broadband isn’t fast enough, then perhaps you should look into getting something faster?

Free Space

Whatever device you have, space is always going to be an issue. Additionally, the amount of free space will help the performance of the device, so it’s important to save space where you can.

Most storage is arguably taken up from media files, as music, films and other media stored on computers or downloaded online. To this end, if your devices have a limited storage capacity, you need to be selective in what you put on the device.

If there’s anything else you want, you could look into streaming it from your computer which generally tends to have a much bigger (and always upgradeable) hard drive or streaming it from some form of cloud computing.


Finally, spare a quick thought for your processing needs. This is more common on computers, where the likes of multi-tab browsing and having multiple programmes open at once can be a drain on the processor. If you’re experiencing a slow internet session, for instance, you might just have too much open for the computer to process at one time.

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